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Track your symptoms

Whether you've already been diagnosed with fibromyalgia or simply want to learn more, Monarch provides quick and easy ways to evaluate and monitor your symptoms.


See your score

Learn if you meet the diagnostic criteria for having fibromyalgia using the same test endorsed by the American College of Rheumatology.


Stay in charge

Monarch will send you a weekly reminder to answer a pain survey and show you how your condition has evolved over time.

Explore treatments

Knowing when it's necessary to get help can be difficult. Monarch can give you an overview of available options and help you decide if seeking treatment is the right decision.


Understand the data

View a complete list of treatment options, then go deeper to learn everything you need to know about the ones that interest you most.


Know the risks

View the most common side effects of medications ranked by number of people affected, and report your own notes to help out others with fibromyalgia.

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Join the community

You don't have to fight fibromyalgia alone. The Monarch community is a safe place to share stories and learn how others are reclaiming their lives from chronic pain.


Post privately

We respect your privacy, so Monarch only show others the username you choose. Feel free to say what's on your mind.


Smart searching

Browse the content that's most relevant to you using powerful search and sorting features—and get notified when someone sends you a response.